You are three weeks away from your due date and feeling very overwhelmed and underprepared. You have had a complicated pregnancy, your birth plan has changed, and you want to prepare for any possible scenario that may occur after delivery.



  • You delivered your beautiful baby via c-section 2 weeks ago. It’s still difficult for you to get up and out of bed, or even off the toilet without pain in your abdominal area. You’ve stayed on the couch most of the day, breastfeeding the baby every hour. You feel sore all over and can’t lift more than just the baby. You want to know when you’re going to feel normal again to do basic things like make a meal, get out of the house, move around just a little more than what you’re able to do right now. Your husband has been home to help but is returning to work the following week and you’re wondering how you will manage without him during the day!
  • You have been home with your newborn for a week after having a natural delivery. You have a small, natural tear from delivery, but otherwise pain is minimal. You still feel like you’re leaking a bit when you have the urge to go the bathroom. Breastfeeding has been a challenge, and you’re beginning to develop cramping and muscular pain in your neck, shoulders and back.
  • It’s been 5 weeks since you brought your beautiful newborn home. You and baby have started settling into somewhat of a daily routine, but you both aren’t sleeping well. It seems like other moms have everything together and you’re struggling day-to-day with breastfeeding, sleeping, and managing residual aches and pains. You’re desperate to get out and socialize more with other moms and friends, but the idea of leaving the house with the baby is too overwhelming.  You’re planning on returning to work in a few weeks, but anxious about the transition and childcare plans.