In-person and Telehealth Visits: In the comfort of your home!

Some common topics addressed and interventions provided (not limited to):

Walk through your home and life as a future or new mama!
We help set you up for success once baby comes: ergonomic evaluation of carseat, stroller, diaper bags, crib, changing table so you can comfortably care for your baby without strain. We discuss what to expect in the first hours, days and weeks of recovery from hospital to home.

Pre-natal and postpartum pain (e.g. neck, shoulders, hands, abdomen, pelvis, back, sciatica)
-Conservative pain management techniques, including stretches/exercises, breathing techniques, activity adjustments with adaptive equipment as needed

Sleeping for mom, dad, or baby
-Sleeping positions and techniques

C-section recovery
-When/how to start scar massage, protecting the abdomen
-Scar tissue mobilization and management

Perineal tear or episiotomy recovery

Core weakness (generalized or diastasis recti)
-Gentle core strengthening techniques to allow functional movement during beginning stages of recovery (first six weeks)
-Initiation of fitness routine as appropriate

Incontinence or organ prolapse (vaginal, bladder or bowel)
-Pelvic floor education and progression of pelvic floor therapy

-Nipple pain, engorgement/mastitis, positioning, supply

Maternal mental health (anxiety, mood changes, stress, depression)
-Meditation and mindfulness training for stress management, referral to local support groups and services as needed

Marital/Partner relationships
-Returning to intimacy, involvement for caregiver support and parenting tasks

Baby development and bonding
-Engagement, play activities, motor development

Self-care for Mom
-Strategies for mommy time, return to hobbies, social re-engagement

Home environment/routines
-Education of body mechanics and ergonomics during functional activities to prevent strain injury

Return to work
-Exploration of roles/responsibilities, childcare, breastfeeding, routines

Community referrals and recommendations
-local new mom support groups, outpatient therapies and postpartum fitness classes

Specialty topics:

    • Pre-existing medical conditions and transition into motherhood
    • Antepartum bedrest, pregnancy complications related to function
    • Secondary effects of complicated delivery
    • Orthopedic/nerve-related injury during labor
    • Recovery from loss (miscarriage, still birth or infant loss), birth trauma, D&C

Covid-19 Precautions

What we are doing to keep you safe:

-We are fully vaccinated
-We wear a facemask and faceshield for the entire visit
-We will maintain 6 ft distance whenever possible
-We sanitize/wash hands before, during and after visits


Prenatal /Postpartum Initial Evaluation

75 minutes ($150)

    • An occupational therapist will schedule an in-person or virtual appointment to conduct an initial evaluation (typically an hour and fifteen minutes). Prenatal visit includes addressing any pain or discomfort you're experiencing in the later stages of pregnancy, overview of postpartum preparation and planning, ergonomic evaluation/recommendation of mommy baby products. Postpartum visits will focus on recovery, regaining function, adjusting to new roles/routines with baby, gentle strengthening and newborn development.
    **FREE 15 minute consultation phone call available PRIOR to all initial evaluations

Postpartum Follow-up visits

60 minutes ($125)

Follow-up visit frequency will vary depending on the program established by you and your OT. We will focus on physical, psychological and emotional challenges that you may be experiencing during your transition into motherhood. This may include initial phase of total body recovery, breastfeeding basics/troubleshooting, ergonomic evaluation/recommendations for mommy and baby products, establishing routine, sleep and self-care. We will ease into basics of core strengthening/pelvic floor work for functional daily movements and transition towards returning to normal exercise. Additional postpartum follow-ups may be added as needed.

Special Bundle Packages

Bump & Beyond $400

1 Prenatal wellness evaluation(75 minutes)
1 Postpartum Initial visit (75 minutes)
1 Postpartum follow-up visit (60 minutes)

This package includes a prenatal visit to address any functional concerns during pregnancy as mentioned above, along with 2 visits after baby comes! Additional postpartum follow-ups may be added as needed.

Postpartum Living $375

1 Postpartum Evaluation (75 minutes)
2 Postpartum visits (60 minutes)

This package is completely tailored for the postpartum patient, addressing every element of their recovery. We will walk through any challenges you are experiencing in the days or weeks following delivery. This can be in your home, in the community or planning to return to work.