What is Postpartum Living?

Most moms prepare themselves for labor, delivery, and caring for their newborn with educational classes and literature. However, many do not feel adequately prepared for the postpartum recovery period and caring for themselves after delivery.

Postpartum Living aims to arm you with knowledge about life after delivery, ease your transition into motherhood and help you return to feeling more like yourself: physically, mentally and emotionally.

We have you covered through every step of the postpartum process through variety of offerings including 1:1 consultation with a licensed occupational therapist and a step-by-step guide to recovery.

Postpartum Recovery Guide

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about taking care of yourself and your baby after delivery, the better you will feel! This guide takes you through everything you would need to know. From recovery in the hospital to transitioning into your new life at home, we have you covered!

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Consultation at Home

You're now home with baby, now what? Schedule an initial home visit with a licensed occupational therapist to gently ease back into functional movements and exercises, create solutions for any difficulties you are experiencing as a new mom, and even learn developmental tips and techniques for your newborn. We service all moms in the Washington DC metro area (including MD and northern VA).

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Not sure what services are right for you?

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