Pregnant Moms

We offer specialized services to guide you through pregnancy and prepare you for postpartum.

Postpartum Moms

You’re home with baby, now what? We are here to help address any bumps you encounter with your recovery.

Beyond the Bump

We help you create the healthy and balanced lifestyle you envision for yourself and your family


We specialize in perinatal health & wellness

Our unique clinical background and training allow us to take an integrative approach to prenatal wellness and postpartum recovery.

We holistically assess and treat the physical, psychological AND social-emotional challenges that new and expectant moms often experience. Through occupational therapy and personalized nutrition services we help you confidently navigate motherhood and beyond.

Our Services

In-person and Telehealth Visits: In the comfort of your home!

Some common topics addressed and interventions provided (not limited to):

Prenatal and postpartum pain management

Recovery from vaginal or C-Section birth

Postpartum pelvic floor therapy

Maternal mental health:
(managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm)

Nutrition counseling & meal planning

Return to exercise, intimacy & healthy lifestyle



Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
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